HCS Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

HCS Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone CrusherHCS Series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, intelligent control technology, and represents the world's most advanced crusher technology can be widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement, sand, metallurgy industry in the debris, fine and ultra-crushing operation. It has high crushing efficiency, low production costs, maintenance easy adjustment, excellent grain crushed product type and so on.

At the same time, HCS series of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher not only in the production capacity and crushing efficiency than old-fashioned spring cone crusher and cone crusher in general has improved significantly, it also provides a variety of standard crushing chamber for customer choice, eccentricity can be flexible Variety.


1. High production efficiency and carrying capacity: The efficient operation of the device is not relying on the optimization design of the individual components or a single component material quality improvement, but perfectly with the overall structures.; HCS single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is through the crushing chamber, eccentricity and motion parameters matched to achieve higher productivity, better product quality;It combines the strength of design optimization, high-quality component materials, the bearing capacity of the equipment is stronger, so that the crushing ratio greater capacity stronger.
2. Easy maintenance and low operating costs:The device is simple in structure, all maintenance work can be completed in the rack after removing it will not only allow inspection, maintenance and more convenient, while lower maintenance costs. By ensuring that the crushing chamber internal pressure is always higher than the external pressure, effectively reducing into the crusher dust or other small particles, reducing the damage to the bearing, thereby reducing the maintenance workload, extending the life of lubricants and equipment.In addition to the above characteristics, HCS series of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher overall compact design, small crusher installation space and easy to move.
3. Automatic control of the production process:The device is fully automatic control system provides manual control, constant discharge port control, constant power control, multiple operation modes for users to choose;It can continuously monitor the actual load inside the crusher, the device is automatically adjusted to optimize the utilization of the crusher, crusher work at any time be able to play its best performance;It can automatically detect and provide alarms, display various operating parameters, real-time understanding the operation of the crusher. Such as: When the liner wear to the replacement period can not continue to use, will automatically display and alarm in the control panel.
4. Multi-cavity needs to adapt to a variety of processes:The device has a variety of standard crushing chamber for choosing eccentricity can be flexible and change. Depending on the production process, it can be equipped with suitable crushing cavity type and eccentricity achieve crushing demand. HCS series of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for crushing after the crushing Sec, the best choice is also three sections and four broken in. When used as a two-stage crushing can be adjusted to the largest nesting population crushing equipment, greatly enhance the capacity of the production line.

Working Principle

HCS single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of upper frame, the frame body, the shelf body, moving cone section, eccentric unit, drive unit, the hydraulic cylinder unit and other components.

In operation, the motor drives the horizontal rotation axis, horizontal axis through a gear driven eccentric rotation, then led by the eccentric circular swing moving cone section, in order to achieve continuous extrusion crushed stones.

Technical Data

Model Cavities Maximum feeding size(mm) Minimum discharging size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Maximum install power(kw)
HCS100 S1(Extra Coarse) 240 22 85-125 90
S2(Medium Coarse) 200 19 70-95
H1(Fine) 135 10 46-128
H2(Medium Fine) 65 8 36-76
H3(Extra Fine) 38 4 27-57
HCS160 S1(Extra Coarse) 360 25 126-215 160
S2(Medium Coarse) 300 22 108-180
S3(Coarse) 235 19 91-165
H1(Fine) 185 13 69-215
H2(Medium Fine) 90 10 60-160
H3(Extra Fine) 50 6 45-105
HCS250 S1(Extra Coarse) 450 35 267-456 250
S2(Medium Coarse) 400 29 225-333
S3(Coarse) 300 25 195-317
H1(Fine) 215 16 110-380
H2(Medium Fine) 110 13 115-335
H3(Extra Fine) 70 8 90-235
HCS315 S1(Extra Coarse) 560 41 350-605 315
S2(Medium Coarse) 500 38 318-630
H1(Fine) 275 16 177-660
H2(Medium Fine) 135 16 195-500
H3(Extra Fine) 65 13 205-320
HCS520 H1(Fine) 300 22 430-1515 520
H2(Medium Fine) 155 19 380-1375
H3(Extra Fine) 80 10 270-775
HCS750 H1(Fine) 370 25 460-2130 750
H2(Medium Fine) 195 22 525-1605
H3(Extra Fine) 85 10 350-885

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