HJ Series Jaw Crusher

hj jaw crusher machine HJ series jaw crusher is a low power, high capacity in one of the high-performance crusher can be widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, cement, construction, sand and metallurgical industries, the biggest strength of crushed material 320MP. Practice has proved that, HJ series jaw crusher due to excellent performance, reliable quality and cost-effective, has become the traditional jaw crusher ideal upgrade alternative.


  • 1, Strong production capacity: The optimal dynamic trajectory and the cavity shape of the moving jaw are obtained, and the optimal engagement angle and the travel characteristic value are obtained.
  • 2, Wide range of applications: Compact structure, small size, can play a role in the limited space, suitable for all kinds of crushing process.
  • 3, Simple maintenance operation: Side fender bolt system enables more efficient replacement side fender; reasonable model structure allows adjustment nesting population size and replacement brackets and more convenient.
  • 4, High stability and reliability: Optimized body structure and weight section, improved vibration, more stable; the heat-treated forged eccentric shafts, oversized bearing, E-type frame, labyrinth seals, etc., improve equipment reliability.

Working Principle

HJ series jaw crusher is mainly composed of Rack unit, rotor, safety device, nesting population adjustment device, lubrication system and adjustment system.

HJ series jaw crusher is a dynamic extrusion type. The motor driving wheel through a triangle belt host Cao, which drives the eccentric shaft to the movable jaw rotation. When the moving jaw drive movable jaw to the fixed jaw plate movement, the material is crushed or split pieces. When the movable jaw member to drive movable jaw away from the fixed jaw board, it has been broken jaw material discharged from the lower portion of the discharge port. With the continuous rotation of the motor, crusher crushing and nesting periodically.

Technical Data

Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kW) Machine Size(mm)
HJ98 650×980 560 75-175 110-350 90-110 2470×2000×2180
HJ110 800×1100 660 100-200 215-510 110-132 2875×2472×2530
HJ125 950×1250 800 125-225 280-650 132-160 3320×2600×3120

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