Mobile Crusher

Mobile Crusher Mobile crusher has flexibility, mobility, widely used in mining, coal mining, and construction waste recycling, earth works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and work sites, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; capable of on-site crushing of materials, and move with the advancing mining of raw materials, thereby significantly reduce the transportation costs of materials, professional production of crushing, screening, conveying and other rock breaking and minerals processing equipment.

Mobile crusher can be divided into standard and closed type, as well as to expand the requirement to launch multi-combination, can best meet the customer needs based on high-end customers.HPC series Cone Crusher (Hydraulic) is an ideal equipment for large-scale stone factory and mining crusher because reliable,high-efficiency, and stable materials crushing performance.


  • 1. The form of integrative installation reduces the installation of the complex infrastructure and accessory equipment, lower the consumption of materials and man-hour and the rational compact spatial arrangement optimizes the operating spaces for the facilities at the site;
  • 2. It is flexible. The vehicle chassis of the rubber-tyred mobile crusher station is high, the vehicle width is smaller than the one of the operational semitrailer and the turning radius is small which is convenient to drive on different road conditions;
  • 3. It helps to reduce the material transportation cost and the rubber-tyred series mobile crusher station avoids the intermediate links of re-crushing and re-handing when the materials are transported from the site;
  • 4. The integrated rubber-tyred series mobile crusher station can be used independently and also can provide flexible technological schemes according to the material types and product requirements by the clients in the course of the flow which generates organization and makes the logistics more directly and effective;

  • 5. It has strong adaptability and flexible configuration. Rubber-tyred series mobile crusher station has provided clients with easy and low-cost featured and packaged unit configuration according to coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system;
  • 6. Feeding guard board hydraulic elevator is convenient to be disassembled and fixed easily and reliably;
  • 7. It is possible to be equipped with functions such as high-tech LCD touch screen and PLC control system, key start-up and safety tips,etc;
  • 8. Full hydraulic pressure elevation mode is adopted for the support which features convenient and flexible operation and reliable performance; The belt conveyor is foldable and helps on-site maintenance and components replacement of the crusher and shorten the transportation space.

Working Principle

The material is transported to the uniform vibration feeder crusher. After preliminary crusher crushing, circular vibrating screen constituted by closed-circuit system, circulation of materials crushed, finished material by the conveyor output, continuous crushing operations. Crusher types can be installed according to the actual needs of customers of different types of crushers, there are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher. Crusher actual production needs to remove circular vibrating screen, to achieve the material directly preliminary crushing, and other crushing equipment for use easy to operate and flexible.

Classification Of Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher not only can man combat, can be applied in two, three or four sections crushing process, rough crushing, fine crushing, crushing, ultra-crushing and screening omnipotent. Customers can choose the "first screening then crushing" and "crushing after the first screening" to meet product requirements, but also by increasing the return feed conveyor, achieve closed and open conversion, increasing the use of the device.

Mobile crushing station classification include: jaw mobile crusher, impact mobile crushing plant, cone mobile crushing plant, impact mobile crusher station, mobile screening station. Mobile crusher according to the different needs of customers divided into standard, closed-type.

The mobile crushing station has the full range, specifications series, great choice. Mobile crusher can be divided into standard and closed type, as well as to expand the requirement to launch multi-combination, can best meet the customer needs based on high-end customers.


Standard type can be divided into: impact crusher mobile crushing plant, cone crusher mobile crushing plant, jaw mobile crusher, cone crusher mobile crushing station feed;


Closed type can be divided into: the closed-type cone crusher mobile crushing plant, closed-type impact crusher mobile crushing plant, closed-type impact crusher mobile crushing plant;


Single combination crusher series can be divided into: a combination of impact crusher mobile screening station, Cone Crusher mobile screening combinations station, jaw crusher screening combination of the mobile station;


Two combination crushing series, and according to customer demand for flexible configuration to primary crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing, crushing and screening levels at the same time to optimize the combination.

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