Sand Making Machine

The first impact crusher is the using a new technology (ie Bamako technology) development and production of, named Barmac. Later, after the acquisition by , now producing full name of the machine: Barmac B Series vertical shaft impact crusher, so impact crusher called sand making machine.

History Of Our Company Sand Making Machine

  • 1. 1990's - 2007, the company produced and sold PCL sand making machine. During this period, we also produced PCLB series sand making machine ,which is only on the basis of PCL increased hydraulic device from the top.
  • 2. 2006 - 2008, our company developed the production of VSI sand making machine.
  • 3. 2008 - 2009, the company began to develop the production of VSI5X series sand making machine.
  • 4. Two VSI6X series sand making machine displayed at the 2012 Bauma are subject to the same customers. However, this series of sand making machine in the market is invisible. Currently on the market, the company sold products primarily VSI sand making machine and VSI5X products, and 6X the sand making machine for the time being not to launch to sell. The main reason is because the company 5X sand making machine at the forefront of the market is in a position more advanced technology.

The Main Purpose And Application Materials

Crushing: If the customer needs a relatively thin material or sand, for example, customers want 5MM materials, and like cone crusher CSB240 out of the material is generally about 30mm, this is no way to meet customer demand, which is we need sand making machine to use the material for crushing again.

Reshaping: In general, the cone crusher crushing out material flakiness are more uneven grain shape, grain shape if customers have demands to grain shape better, then you need to use the sand making machine to shaping.

Sand Making Machine Applicable Materials:

  • ---> Applies to: such as a variety of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where the soil clinker, emery, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, carborundum, sintered bauxite, the US high sand hard, special hard and corrosion-resistant materials production high efficiency, than other types of crusher has more advantages.
  • ---> Feed: <40mm.
  • ---> Discharge: The sand making machine out of the sand is generally 0-5mm.

Sand Making Machine Structure Feature

sand making machine

The key parts of sand making machine includes:feed hopper,lifting device feed hopper,rotor assembly,bearing chamber assembly, motor transmission device,bracket assembly, upper and lower chassis assembly,etc.The following is a structure the benefits:

  • 1, The feedstock switchover of traditional sand making machine needs to dismantle segregation cone, but our company VSI5X series high efficiency sand making machine can conveniently realize complete center feedstock and center feedstock accompanied by annular cascading feedstock through dual purpose balk cargo tray, which is convenient and quick, improves crushing efficiency.
  • 2, The counterblow block of sand making machine includes two blocks, up and down symmetric. After part is worn, it can be used inversely to increase material utilization .It can increase service life above 48%.
  • 3, This company focuses on optimizing the hammerhead as core part, not only increases auxiliary hammerhead to effectively prevent main throwing stub bar wear from damaging vertical plate, but also adopts combined design for main hammerhead. It only needs to replace wearing hammerhead and can reduce use-cost above 30%.
  • 4, A lozenge impact block is adopted for sand making machine. With conjugation much compact and stable, it can protect vertical plate very well and effectively reduce damage of material impact wear on vertical plate.
  • Through hydromechanics analyses and experience sum-up.emission mouth and even more smooth inner curve in this product design can farthest reduce material flowing resistance and increase material throughput.
  • 5, Rotor is "heart" component of sand making machine. The company not only conducts optimization design for wearing parts, but also optimizes cavity type to have cavity even more deeper. The improved design ensures throughput is increased by about 30%.
  • 6, Following design idea of "detail decides stand of fall". the company precisely makes each component of machine.adopts international brand products from Japan, Sweden and United States for bearing, and adopts highy wear-proof high-temperature material used in American important industry for core wear resistant material.
  • 7, International advanced light oil antiseep device is adopted at lower end of main shaft to greatly reduce oil leak risk. There is no oil seal on this device, avoiding trouble for customer to replace oil seal and ensuring machine running is much more smooth and long.
  • This series sand making machine is driven by two international famous brand motors to ensure that running of sand making machine is much more smooth. Meanwhile, dual motor drive ensures main shaft is stressed uniformly, increases service life of main shaft and bearing, and improves production efficiency.

Technical Advantage Of Sand Making Machine

1. Dual oil pump complementation of thin oil lubrication station originaly imported from Germany ensures oil supply and automatic shutdown without oil pressure. The oil liquid cooling and heating equipment ensures that bearing lubrication is always in the groove, thereby thoroughly solving bearing heating and other problems, ensuring main shaft bearing keeps constant temperature and prolonging maintenance interval and service life.

2. When it needs repairing, the hydraulic pressure uncapping device can quickly uncap through hydraulic jack to ensure that components in chamber are repaired and replaced conveniently and quickly ,which is timesaving and laborsaving, shortens downtime and greatly economizes cost.

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Sand Making Machine Working principle

center feedstock accompanied by cascading feedstock "PL" and "PLST":

Material through the hopper into the crusher, the material is divided into parts, the material is divided into two parts. Part of the material set into the high-speed rotation of the wheel thrown and in the left wheel was rapidly accelerated, and high speed from the left wheel in the flow passage of the projectile out.

These materials first with tray around the fall of another part of the material impact crushing, then along with the impact of the crushing cavity material lining layer and rebounded after being inclined to blow to crushing chamber top, change direction downward movement, and the formation of continuous material screen from being dumped material emitted by the round runner. In this way, a piece of material in the crushing chamber by repeated impact, friction and grinding effect and broken.

entire center feedstock "PL" and "PLST":

The basic working principle is the same as the feedstock accompanied by cascading feedstock center. Different is the complete center of the feed material will be the bulk of the cone unloading, the material from the feed port directly into the sub material, the material into the middle of the disc directly into the wheel.

Notes: "PL" applies to medium hard abrasive than large materials, such as basalt stone. Rejection round exit from the crushing process materials and material material lining the shocks occur without direct contact with the metal element equipment to reduce iron loss. Under "PL" work, finished grain shape is good, the amount of powder containing slightly.
"PLST" applies to middle and soft little abrasive materials, such as limestone. Under "PLST" work, high crushing efficiency, higher cost-week guard wear, somewhat less refined grain shape.