Introduced Sand Making Machine Structure

Introduced Sand Making Machine Structure sand making machine is a large mineral processing machinery and equipment. With the changes in social demands, the use of sand making machine has become widespread, and now a lot of the basic premise of the project construction work content is to rely on sand making equipment to complete. sand making machine the device during use, people began to care about and discuss the structure of sand making machine. This can be better use made of sand making machine at a comprehensive understanding of sand making machine operate better when working late maintenance is also helpful. sand making machine is the basic structure of the feed hopper, impeller body, sub-feeder, whirl crushing chamber, main bearings, chassis and transmission equipment, and the like.

The two main components of sand making machine is in the hopper and the distributor: the feeder upside down by a diamond table body structure, since regular work, it is also required to set the appropriate wear bad, which is processed into the original the only way to make sand equipment. The distributor is disposed in an upper portion of the crushing chamber whirl, it is necessary to effect the feed hopper into the feed motion, which can be rotated while the impeller, due to the different mass and volume of the corresponding operation is performed, which is choice of materials and important step to protect the quality of sand making.

sand making machine is an important component of eddy crushing chamber. Because the sand making machine content of the work itself is the hard material or material refinement large work-related. It is composed of an annular space formed sand making machine upper and lower ends of the cylinder, through the impeller corresponding choice of materials in high-speed rotation therein. When the inner materials for the relevant instrument, this time from the circulation system will be operational. In this process, the sand making machine can achieve the effect sand making treatment.

sand making machine transmission device: It belongs in the sand making equipment in line of work, it can be related work during the course of treatment, the operation carried out by a single belt drive motor or two motors. Without generating additional torque at the same time, to protect the balance of power conveyor, so as to achieve better operating results. If there are no belts work, then the relevant basic operation will produce a series of problems, which is the sand making machine equipment worth matters we need common concern.

sand making machine in the study of the structure, it is also necessary to sand making equipment maintenance operations have a certain understanding. Such as lubrication system, although this is not a major construction, but really can achieve an effective maintenance role. Because in the process of sand making machine equipment research and development, it is also a multifaceted development of functional, each build is irreplaceable effectiveness and role, are worthy of study and in practice constantly practicing.

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