Quartz Rock Sand Making

Quartz Rock Sand MakingThere are several raw materials suitable for artificial sand making, such as limestone, granite, quartz rock, river pebbles etc. Here we focus on quartz rock artificial sand making line.

Quartz Rock Sand Making

Machines In This Plant

In a complete artificial sand making plant, we need primary crusher, secondary crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, belt conveyor and sand washing machine. For quartz rock sand making, we suggest jaw crusher as the primary crusher and cone crusher as the secondary crusher. Here, we use cone crusher instead of impact crusher because the quartz rock is very hard. And also if we use impact crusher, there will be much powder produced in the crushing process.

Working Process

Firstly, the quartz rock will be fed into jaw crusher for primary crushing. And then the particles discharged from the jaw crusher will be sent to cone crusher for secondary and fine crushing. After this, the small particles will be sent to the vibrating screen for separating and grading. The parts with required sizes will be sent to sand making machine while others will be sent back to the cone crusher for re-crushing. After being crushed in the sand making machine, the quartz rock will be turned into sand. And then in order to get clean sand, we need to use sand washing machine to remove the dust in the sand.

Advantages Of Artificial Sand

Firstly, the fineness can be controlled. The final product size of the sand making machine can be adjusted, which is why we can get various sized sand and grade the sand.

Secondly, the artificial sand is with good cubical shape. Compared with natural sand, the artificial sand has better shape.

Finally, the production cost is lower. With the dwindling of natural sand and the protection policies of the government, the cost of natural sand is higher and higher. But for artificial sand, we have rich resources can be processed into sand, which makes the production cost is lower.

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